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Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas: A Sugar-Filled Parisian Memoir

Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas: A Sugar-Filled Parisian Memoir

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What happens when a chocolate-obsessed New Yorker gets a dream job in Paris? Paris, My Sweet is the latest entry into the ever-growing blog-into-book genre. Thomas spent two years in Paris while working as a copywriter for Louis Vuitton chronicling her adventures in the City of Light in a blog titled God I Love Paris.

Thomas was well-ensconced in her New York City life , living in a well-decorated apartment and writing a food blog on the side, when the opportunity of a lifetime came calling. Soon she found herself in Paris, a city she already had fallen in love with on previous trips. To become more acquainted with her new home she let her love of all things pastry serve as a guiding force. Each chapter ends with a sidebar on where to find a particular sweet treat in both Paris and New York linking her two worlds together through a common thread.

The book begins as pure fluff, a setup worthy of any chick lit book. And indeed at first, Thomas gives us no more than a twinge or two of loneliness and a love of sugary treats as clues to state of mind. But a sugar-centric  life writing for one of the world’s most coveted brands and living in the City of Lights apparently has its downside. Thomas tells of long hours, alienation and a growing dissatisfaction with her adopted home. The book veers into Sex And The City territory as the author watches her friend, both at home and abroad, pair off.

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Thomas eventually shakes her blues off but there’s nothing really new here, so, a bit like the author, the reader ends up just waiting for the next sweet treat to arrive. Luckily the book is packed with them from colorful macarons and buttery croissants in Paris to a multitude of cupcakes and the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie in New York City. Part memoir, part sweets-filled travel guide, this light book is a bonbon for anyone planning to spend time in either city (or just dreaming they will).

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