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Ferran Adrià cooking app

Ferran Adrià cooking app

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Spanish chef Ferran Adrià has launched a mobile app based on his latest cookery book written for the home chef and inspired by staff meals served at his now defunct Catalan restaurant El Bulli.

In partnership with Telefonica, Adria has released a tablet app that contains all 31 three-course meals, with step-by-step instructions, shopping lists, an organizational guide, cooking tips and the ability to share photos of the meals on Facebook and Twitter.

The app is currently available in Spanish on Amazon and iTunes for €14.50 or $15.99, as well as on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Android.

Recipes include simple, home cook-friendly dishes like fish soup and beans, spinach and egg.

Next restaurant chef Grant Achatz, meanwhile, bypassed the print medium altogether when he published the recipes for his inaugural pop-up menu of Paris in the time of Escoffier for the iPad.

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