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The Muse Bar in Hong Kong

The Muse Bar in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a place characterized by diversity and millions of relaxation options. This is why every new bar design in town needs to stand out from the crowd, one way or another. The Muse Bar was developed by HEAD Architecture and Design and is located on the 26th floor of an office building in Causeway Bay. Its interior is highly interesting, combining the atmosphere of a high-class bar with that of a refined cinema setting.

The bar is addressed to people all over the city and wants to be an alternative to the crowded urban environment: “To relieve from the tensed daily life in Hong Kong, our client has decided to open a Bar for people to relax & chill out with friends. The name of the Bar inspired us to form the starting point of an interior which was to be relaxing, stylish and provide a retreat from the implications of daily life in Hong Kong. According to the dictionary MUSE has a meaning of “to think or meditate in silence” and “to forget about the world around one“- stated the the leader of the project team for HEAD Architecture and Design.

The Muse Bar is friendly and welcoming, with a layout that encourages socializing. All the guests here have easy access to the bar from any part of the interior. And to spice things up, there is a giant screen on the the wall opposite to the entrance, for special events.