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New Eric Clapton Amplifiers by Fender

New Eric Clapton Amplifiers by Fender

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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), considered to be the world’s most famous (and leading) guitar manufacturer recently decided to a approach new market segment. This special edition EC Series Eric Clapton Amplifiers is their latest invention, one that the company believes will boost their notoriety and sales. The amplifiers will be “marked” with the artist’s signature and will be available in three models, all having a vintage look.

The EC Series Eric Clapton Amplifiers have a unique and original design, reminding of the 50’s era. This is a clever move, as vintage musical items are quite sought after these days. A classic gold and brown color combination was chosen for the amplifier’s body and front grille.

The reason why Eric Clapton is the new official brand representative was clear from the very beginning. The singer always had a soft spot for the brand and used its acoustic instruments in various concerts.

The three available models are called EC Twinolux, EC Tremloux, and EC Vibro Champ. Their prices vary from $1,399.99 for the EC Vibro Champ to $4,199.99 for EC Tremloux. But for a true music fan, money is no longer an issue to consider when “confronted” with the EC logo and Eric Clapton signature on the front panels.