What is invented when two of the world’s best research organization engineers come together? A coffee maker! Prepare to be astonished. Former engineers from NASA and Apple collectively designed Blossom One Limited, a coffee maker which has now bagged the world’s most expensive coffee maker title. It costs a soaring $11,111 and has been developed for commercial use. The elegant coffee maker has been developed by Jeremy Kuempel and created successfully by Blossom Coffee.

Kuempel, who is the mastermind behind the project, is a great fan of coffee and wanted to develop a coffee maker that is focused on large scale coffee creation. The materials used to make the world’s most expensive coffee maker were namely mahogany, glass and stainless steel. But, what actually makes this coffee maker bask in glory is the integration of a 3MP camera for QR Code scanning, it can download and share brew recipes, and the fact that it can connect to Wi-Fi easily. As this comes as a limited edition machine, therefore only 10 units will be available for purchase in 2013.