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White Gold Caviar Is The World’s Most Expensive Food

White Gold Caviar Is The World’s Most Expensive Food

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Caviar is to the epicurean what gold is to the jeweler. The bar is raised as rare albino white gold caviar is crowned as the world’s most expensive food.


Worth at about $112,600 (£73,000) per kilo, the new caviar has been created by a 51 year old fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick, 25. The current offer price is considered to be a steal as it is reported that the rare caviar will cost at least $308,757 (£200,000) per kilo. Made from rare albino fish eggs, it is laced with 22 carat gold to make it eligible to be listed as the most expensive food in the world.The most expensive will certainly make it to the table of the most wealthy as the duo intend to serve it to royalty and the super rich of the world in restaurants from Monaco to Dubai.

The Austrian father and son duo said they decided to use the eggs from the sturgeon fish and also chose to include gold leaf as it’s good for the immune system. Considered to be the first caviar producers in Austria, Patrick, announces that ‘Our Strottarga Bianco comes from the white roe of the extremely rare albino sturgeon.’ He also adds that ‘The taste is very strong and taste distinctly of fresh fish.’

Made out of eggs of older sturgeon, the most expensive food is literally golden yellow white spreadable powder that can be teamed up with a paste, risotto or simply put on toasted bread with butter. With that impressive price tag and striking flavor, only small quantity is needed to add an expensive taste to any dish.