With the purpose of designing a place that “enhances emotion”, Facet Studio envisioned a new design for a popular Japanese restaurant, entitled Uchi Lounge 02. The most striking elements of the interior are two division walls built of recycled brick.

The unusual panels were especially implemented in order to enhance the circulation flow, without destroying this atmosphere treasured by regulars . The architects explain: “We designed a new circulation path from entry to table, by repeating the recycled bricks from 100 years ago (in response to the indefinable nostalgia) and rustic raw steel (in response to the client’s preference).  It is a tunnel to enhance expectation towards the cuisines when one proceeds towards the table. Longer the distance of travel, more the room for enhancing this expectation“. With the new dividers, the place gets a rustic, genuine feel, enhanced by the art decorations and wooden addition. All in all, a comfortable lounge with a strong visual appeal.