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The Sweetest Chocolate Bathroom Suite Is High On Price And Calories Too

The Sweetest Chocolate Bathroom Suite Is High On Price And Calories Too

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Imagination triggered by a mistake can give shape to never-seen-before products! Also it isn’t always necessary to build something practical and functional when sometimes the most whimsical creations gratify with the most outstanding results. This brings us to the world’s most luxurious bathroom, made completely from 100% Belgian chocolate. Inspired by simple case of bad spelling, folks at Bathrooms.com have taken the “bathroom sweets” instead of “bathroom suites” very seriously.

sweet-bath-1Putting together bad spelling, love of confectionery and bathrooms, the bathroom furniture retail site and U.K.-based chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah have given shape to the sweetest bathroom suite. The Maderno Sweet bathroom suite comprises of an 8 million-calorie chocolate bathtub, a 210,000-calorie chocolate bidet, a 210,000-calorie chocolate basin and a 980,000-calorie chocolate toilet. Summing up to a total of 9.4 million calories, the whole set is listed for $133,040. Each piece is available for sale individually too.


sweet-bath-2Top of the line is the $83,000 solid chocolate bathtub. Take your soak and your love of chocolate to the next level with the Bathroom Sweets Maderno Bath.

sweet-bidet-1Designed to add a splash of tastes to any bathroom, the Bathroom Sweets Maderno bidet is up for $11,600.


sweet-basin-1The delicious curves and tasty styling of the Bathroom Sweets Maderno Basin will wash off $15,000 from your hands.

sweet-basin-3 sweet-basin-2

sweet-toilet_1The Bathroom Sweets Maderno Toilet will make chocoholics go weak in their knees. Certainly not meant for the obvious reasons, this chocolate loo is up for $23,200 for the discerning, design-obsessed individual.

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sweet-toilet_2The life-sized bathroom suite requires 50kg of Belgian chocolate and two to three month delivery time.  Designed to be the perfect place to let life’s little trifles melt away, the choc-o-licious bathroom has a six-month shelf life, that is only if it is not eaten by then.

And here is a word of advice from the makers – please don’t attempt to use the suite. It will melt if it comes in contact with direct sunlight, radiator heat or hot liquids – so it’s not ideal for running that relaxing bath!



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