The Balvenie is one of our favorite Scotch makers. Their offerings are uniformly exceptional. The Balvenie Caribbean Cask offers a challenge since the whisky is finished in a rum cask. This will, no doubt, heavily influence the expression. However, we love good spirit makers to take chances, and our tasters sat down with a bottle The Balvenie Caribbean Cask excited to test the results.

We were not disappointed.

The first thing the nose takes notice is the soft and floral aroma. There is a hint of toffee and sweetness. What was fascinating was the aromas that seemed to emerge when one went back for a second or third smell. We loved the complexity.

Next was the taste. It’s light, clear and sharp. There is little peat or smokiness. As expected, there’s a distinct sweet spiciness that emerges (and keeps flowing). However, nothing overwhelms the experience. You just get hints of the sugar cane, lime, coconut, toffee and vanilla. The finish is wonderful. The spice lingers. There’s no bitterness. You just sit there an enjoy the experience.

The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is magnificent. The rum barrel influence makes for an exciting and tasty experience.

We felt the best way to enjoy the Balvenie Caribbean Cask was neat.

If we had any criticism of the Balvenie Caribbean Cask it’s the price. You’ll pay $60-70 for a bottle. Not outrageous, but a little high.