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Taylor Fladgate Launches Limited Edition 1964 Single Harvest Tawny Port

Taylor Fladgate Launches Limited Edition 1964 Single Harvest Tawny Port

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One of the world’s best known-producers of Port, Taylor Fladgate, has recently released the first in an annual series of 50-year-old wines, a  1964 Single Harvest Tawny. Packaged in a wooden box, this limited edition port makes a perfect collector’s purchase or gift for a fine wine drinker.

“Most people are familiar with the dark purple, ‘ruby’ Ports which range from very basic up to the storied Vintage Ports. Rubies are aged in bottles, so they keep their fresh red fruit flavors. On the other hand, Tawny Ports are aged in wooden casks, so they have more interchange with the air around them. This process evolves their color to a ‘tawny’ amber color, and changes their flavors from predominantly fruity to predominantly nutty,” said Taylor Fladgate’s Wine Director, David Guimaraens.

“Most Ports – both ruby and tawny – are blended; it is very rare to find a cask, from a single year, that has created a beautiful wine all by itself. It is even more rare to find a 50 year old that has done this, but we have such extensive stocks that if we look hard enough, we can usually find them,” CEO Adam Bridge added.

Highlights of this port include fine oaky aromas and complex spicy, nutty, cigar box notes against a warm mellow background of butterscotch and molasses. It pairs well with traditional port foods such as figs, almonds or Pecorino ; other recommendations include Cornish game hens or pecan pie.

The port retails for $300 per bottle.


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