Milkshakes have always been an indulgence. But the new Powder Room in Hollywood is taking that idea to to new level with their Velvet Goldmine milkshake – a $500 concoction created by mixologist Adrianne Bigg.

The milkshake features premium spirits, edible gold, Belgian chocolate and is topped with a Swarovski crystal ring (which you get to take with you) valued at $190.

The $500 Velvet Goldmine milkshake will make its debut on November 22 when the Powder Room opens for business. Mixologist Biggs is still working out the final recipe of The Velvet Goldmine, but she says it will be “real lush and over-the-top” and will contain premium spirits, top-of-the-line Belgian chocolate and edible gold. Delicious.

Swarovski ring tops $500 milkshake at the new Powder Room in Hollywood