Rolling pins artistically displayed on Breadbox Cafe’s facade in New York compose an eye-catching design that mirrors the wish to dress the existing structure with a more appropriate facade in order to express the concept behind the walls. By adapting an iconic bakery instrument to an urban community, ODA Architecture created the Breadbox Cafe in Queens. What served as an Esso garage back in the 50s was transformed into an inviting eatery built on the concept of exposing bakery as an architectural expression.

This sustainable approach helps change the street vibe, accentuating the hospitality shown by people employed here. Vertical steel channels fitted with wooden rolling pins are now hiding the decaying masonry facade, creating a unique display surrounded by an outdoor deck used by clients to relax while enjoying a cup of coffee. Using symbolism and sustainable materials to create a welcoming establishment, the architects show that creativity and exploration go a long way, don’t you think?