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Raw Spice Bar: Artisan Spices on Demand

Raw Spice Bar: Artisan Spices on Demand

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Subscription services, for everything from beauty products to cocktail components, are all the rage. But while we’ve tried numerous meal delivery service options – yes, even the so-called “celebrity” kind, we can’t help but still prefer cooking on our own.

That’s where RawSpiceBar comes in – a monthly subscription service that delivers perfectly portioned, freshly ground spices and blends created by top chefs from around the world.

In addition to ensuring that your spices are whole toasted, ground and blended just a few days before they ship to your door (so they stay fresh, just like your organic, local produce), they’re perfectly portioned for a serving of 6 to 10, making it great for dinner parties or a few family meals.

In our three months trying the service, we’ve had everything from ice cream spices – a blend of cinnamon, green cardamom and star anise – to applewood smoked salt, pickling spice, a handmade version of “Old Bay” and Za’atar to a beautiful Power Spice Blend perfect for kicking up a green smoothie. Each month, the small packet arrives full of recipes and stories from the chefs that created the blends, lending a fun element of story and surprise. This month, we learned of the flavors of Istanbul, earlier this summer, we traveled to Memphis.

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The best part? The concept is inexpensive – just $6 a month, making it a perfectly luxurious perk for any home. RawSpiceBar is a must-try.


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