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Raise A Toast At The Lockhart, A Harry Potter-Themed Bar In Toronto

Raise A Toast At The Lockhart, A Harry Potter-Themed Bar In Toronto

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Harry Potter fans in Canada can raise a toast to the world of wizards at the newly opened Harry Potter-themed bar in Toronto, Canada. Christened, The Lockhart, after Hogwarts professor Gilderoy Lockhart, it’s decor will transport all the guests to the fantasy world built by J.K. Rowling. HARRY_POTTER_THEMED_BARApart from the name, everything about the place will remind visitors of the Harry Potter series. Take a look at the glowing heart-shaped sign that reads “all was well” which is the closing line of the final Harry Potter book.lockhart_ Harry_Potter_bar_1Also Harry Potter fans will claims the stag’s head on the wall to be the Patronus. Other signature features include a hidden Deathly Hallows symbol, a bar area designed to look like a modern apothecary and a small collection of Harry Potter POP! dolls.HARRY_POTTER_THEMED_BAR_1A multi-page cocktail menu that features selections like “Befuddlement Brew” and “The Shacklebolt” which is a take on a Dark & Stormy and features a homemade ginger beer and Gosling rum infused with ten different spices. The bar owners are also offering a free beverage to any customer who can relate to a drink called “Ludo’s Debt”and understand what it means.
lockhart_ Harry_Potter_bar_3Sadly, there is no Butterbeer on the menu as the owners have been careful to steer clear of any copyright issues yet.lockhart_ Harry_Potter_bar_4Other stuff on the menu are not so Harry-Pottery, but citrusy prawns, jalapeno mac ‘n’ cheese croquette sandwiches, flavored popcorn, and a baked brie layered with puff pastry and jam are certainly high on flavor.

lockhart_ Harry_Potter_bar_2Co-owned by Paris Xerx and Matt Rocks, The Lockhart overall appears to be a cool neighbourhood bar even to those who are not Harry Potter enthusiasts.

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