Chico’s restaurant chain has been known to serve North American food to Finns since 1991. This particular space in Espoo, Finland recently got a bold new appearance, due to the efforts of Amerikka Design Office.

According to the designers, “the visual standpoint for the restaurant’s look is modern-day USA, manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. The restaurant interior is marked by bold expression, beautifully fading surfaces, genuine materials and murals by painters Juha Lahtinen and Samuli Suonperä. The restaurant premises are designed to function seamlessly through all seasons and to serve a wide range of requirements. Chico’s invites customers to enjoy lunch, a drink or dinner on their own or with friends”. There is a great mix of elements contributing to the successful design of the restaurant; exposed pipes and original metal lamps with stitched exteriors bring an industrial feel to the place. The vintage poster and furniture add warmth and personality, contrasting the modern lighting and vivid yellow bar. All in all, an original and dynamic place, perfect for socializing. (via Contemporist)