For the new Glenmorangie ad campaign, British illustrator and photographer Vince Verma brings the Scottish distiller’s past and present together through a genial play of contrasts. The alliance between the black and white illustrations and the bright colored bottle is a contemporary expression of the centuries-old traditions respected to make the celebrated whisky.

The tall stills that give the mythic spirit its unique aromas and manual rotation of casks by expert hands evoke the scents of the water, peat and barley of the Highlands. The audacious ads reveal a true fusion of art and science, of the tradition and modernity that define Glenmorangie.

Here’s what Greg White said about the campaign on this blog:

“Here is one of the ads for Glenmorangie whisky I shot up in Scotland at the amazing Glenmorangie distillery. After the production my photographs were then illustrated by the photo realist artist Vince Verma to really emphasize the tag line of ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’. Shooting an image to be illustrated was really interesting, given the task to challenge and test the illustrators abilities to replicate every last detail and photographic characteristic.”