Here is a restaurant design that is daring to say the least. Mazzo was envisioned by Concrete Architectural Associates and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is a diverse and vivid place, of a strong visual impact, where dining can turn into an original experience.

As far as the name of the bar goes, the architects explain their choice: “Mazzo, the eight member of the IQ creative family in Amsterdam, is the Italian sister of Brasserie Witteveen – both in hospitality concept and in the interior there is an obvious connection. As with Witteveen the name and location of Mazzo share a history in the city of Amsterdam. Until six years ago Mazzo was a famous and notorious disco in the monumental building on the Rozengracht. The five letters of the logo are made of raw steel and filled with classic amusement lights, referring to the disco days of Mazzo.”

The restaurant consists of variations of tables with two or eight chairs and all the clients have visual access to the kitchen, meaning they are able to see the chefs at work. The diversity of the design needed an element of connection. This was found in a giant wooden cupboard that runs across the entire restaurant, providing storage space and even more originality. The atmosphere is over-friendly, making this a place for socializing, rather than a romantic couples’ retreat.