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Magic land of Norwegian icecream – Eskimonika’s story in graphic form

Magic land of Norwegian icecream – Eskimonika’s story in graphic form

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Norway’s most popular ice-cream brand – Diplom-Is – has commissioned Scenario Interior Architects to design their new ice cream shop in Akershus, Norway. The Norwegian company wanted to focus colors, textures and lights on the story behind their beloved mascot Eskimonika.

The architects alongside advertising and design agency FRANK™ joined design forces to create a story revolving around the known Diplom-­Is figure Eskimonika. Inside the new ice-cream shop, the story unveils its details: “Eskimonika lived at the North Pole where everything was colorless and drab. She complained to her best friend, a polar bear who said that she should drill a hole in the ice, for there was where he got all his stuff from. So said, so done. Eskimonika borrowed a ice drilling machine from her father, and drilled a hole in the ice. Suddenly all the flavors came out of the hole in the ice like an explosion, and gave the surrounding ice all the different flavors that she could imagine.

Imagined as a huge straw that sucks up the flavors from the ice hole, the middle column supports and explosion of colors and shapes. Flavors like strawberry, chocolate, pistachio or mango burst in the air in a dynamic interior design. Melting down the walls, colorful design elements contrast the ice-cold feeling of the lower part of the room. The “ice”- covered floor is fitted with small wooden ramps in front of the counters, to lift the children up to a more appropriate height. Penguins “dancing” on the ice add a surprisingly dynamic element to the whole design. The wobbling Magis penguins create a playful mood for visiting children, challenging them to enjoy the full ice-cream story experience.

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