Long Clawson, an award-winning 100-year-old British cheese maker, has created the world’s most expensive cheese with its White Stilton Gold Cheese, a premium cheese made with edible gold leaf and gold-flecked Cinnamon Schnapps. This limited edition gold cheese will cost $95 per 100 gram slice — and a pound of Stilton Gold costs $429.50.

Product details from Long Clawson: The rich and famous have a new after dinner luxury to add to their Christmas menu this year — a British cheese made of real gold. Long Clawson Stilton Gold, is made from premium white Stilton, and is shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf,and real gold-Cinnamon Schapps. It is in short supply as only a limited amount will be made for the run up to the Festive Season. It adds something very unique to any cheeseboard this Christmas. The cost is £60 per 100g slice.

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