Be it hotels, exclusive sports equipment, headphones, candles, ski cable carsdolls and even a daily newspaper, almost everything under the sun has been touched upon by Karl’s magic brush. Just when we were close to stating that Karl Lagerfeld has designed almost everything apart from fashion, the creative genius cooks up a new design. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Chef Alain Ducasse’s Beige, Chanel’s creative director has designed the lipstick-shaped cake. The Tokyo-based eatery has commissioned the renowned fashion designer to sketch a one-of-a kind Christmas cake. True to his fashion roots, Lagerfeld chose to recreate an iconic lipstick shape combining rich flavors of caramel and dark chocolate. Drool-worthy flavors will be shaped into a lip-smacking beauty product that will travel much beyond the lips.

karl_lagerfeld_cake_sketchThough the designer has penned it down on a paper, the actual baking will be carried out by head pastry chef Julien Kientzler, who will also take care to add the designer’s personal final touch: the interlocking Cs Chanel logo. Also the limited edition pastry will be presented in an exclusive box featuring a sketch by Lagerfeld. Limited to only 100 cakes, it is not known if Karl-designed dessert will be available in Europe and other countries.

Via NY Daily