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Johnnie Walker Green Label Scotch Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Green Label Scotch Whiskey

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Johnnie Walker is one of the most adept makers of blended whiskey in the world. The Blue is coveted by aficionados. The Black is one of the best low cost blended whiskeys on the market. Which brings us to one of the less common Johnnie Walker blends – the Green Label.

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 year is blended from single malts, including Talisker, Cragganmore, Linkwood and Caol Ila. There are no grain whiskeys in Johnnie Walker Green. It makes for a full and more richly textured blend. You end up with a whiskey that is creamy with a toffee taste as well as notes of vanilla and a hint of mint. The nose will detect a slightly peaty aroma as well as ripe apples.

Johnnie Walker Green Label Blended Malt is a delicious and complex Scotch whiskey. Lovers of blended Scotch, as well as single malt whiskey, will appreciate this unique and tasty concoction.