The first in Next Restaurant’s series of books is now available, exclusively on Apple’s iBookstore. ‘Paris: 1906’ features every dish and recipe from their inaugural menu, over 200 pictures, videos and commentary from the chefs. If you missed out on this amazing Paris culinary adventure from Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, you can experience it by downloading the $4.99 ‘Paris: 1906’ ebook at:

And the ebook is a hit! Via the Next Facebook page, they added: “Thanks for making Paris: 1906 iBook # 3 on the Paid iBookstore overall and # 1 in Cooking, Food, and Wine. Pretty amazing to see old French food sitting above John Grisham, Stephen King, Sue Grafton, and those vampires… even if just for a day. One spot higher and we would be next to Mr. Jobs…. what an honor.”