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David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee Ad

David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee Ad

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Of course the creator of Twin Peaks has his own line of coffee — and he has directed a new ad promoting the David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee. Lynch’s coffee line is available in House Blend, Espresso Roast and Decaf French Roast, and the packaging looks surprisingly ordinary for a Lynchian creation.

The director is apparently obsessed with the caffeinated drink. In an essay expounding upon the roll of coffee in an artist’s life, he writes that at one time, he routinely drank 20 cups of instant coffee per day, but has since weaned himself down to seven.

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I am pretty much obsessed with coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee on a regular basis since I was in the ninth grade. In the ninth grade, I met my soon-to-be good friend, Toby, on the front yard lawn of my girlfriend’s house. And during that first conversation with Toby, he happened to tell me that his father was a painter, a fine art painter. Hearing this news that an adult could be a painter — an explosion went off in my head and from that moment on all I wanted to do was paint. And for me, the world of a painter held much coffee. – David Lynch, via Huffington Post

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