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Dante creates 24 carat gold Lamborghini Miura sculpture brimmed with luxury

Dante creates 24 carat gold Lamborghini Miura sculpture brimmed with luxury

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The supercars can never be truly complimented for the beauty they dissipate to their fans and lovers. The luxury of these cars is unparalleled and they make owners too proud of what they deliver. With the passion of supercars in heart, famous Swiss artist Dante has replicated a shining 1:24 scale silver and gold sculpture of Lamborghini Miura.

There are 50 such models that have been crafted by Dante to allure the rich and people with exceptional liking for the supercars. The sculpture has the finishing touches of glittering 24 carat gold. The presentation of the sculpture is richened by providing to it a black marble base which compliments sculpture design. There is a piano black lacquered presentation case to extend the feel of luxury. A single sculpture is said to be priced at a tag of $52,110. Dante also plans to give a singular offering of sculpture that will be crafted in all solid gold at a price tag of $104,220.

The art-work by Dante is full of expression that oozes out luxury in all aspects of design and symbolism. If you are passionate about supercars and share the love that Dante have for them, then you can surely add one of these sculptures to your case so as to glorify the supercars love.

Those who like to have a glimpse of this beautiful and elegant art-work can book their tickets to Abu Dhabi as this exquisite sculpture will be put to public display during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix.