Dunhill has done something really unique for the classy poker players out there! The luxury house has crafted a carbon fiber poker set for the players who take poker game to the level of luxury and elegance. A game which is much popular among the males around the world and especially the ones who have a heart to take risks surely needs special instruments designed for it. The carbon fiber poker set is a one of its kind and have a price tag of $695.

The exquisite gaming set has been designed taking into account the preferences of the poker players. It has a sleek design with a sliding lid that open the carbon fiber poker box. Inside the luxurious box are the assets that leave you spellbound. There are dual packs of Dunhill branded playing cards which are all decorated with beautiful silver at the edges. There are about 300 odd aluminum chips that are presented in varied colors. Five beautiful poker dices complete this carbon fiber box.

The usage of such high-quality materials makes even a non-poker fan to fall in love with this box. If you know some classy friend of yours who is too passionate about poker, then maybe this is the time when you should get him this beautiful luxurious present.

Via: CFG