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Valvoline Restore and Protect: Benjamin Button Motor Oil

Valvoline Restore and Protect: Benjamin Button Motor Oil

In the 2008 movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, baby Benjamin was born with the appearance and maladies of an elderly man. As the years passed, Benjamin physically aged in reverse transitioned from a wheelchair to crutches, and learned to walk.

Well in the automotive realm, the proper use of motor oil can determine how well your vehicle ages. Neglect your vehicle’s maintenance or use the wrong blend and type of oil, and your engine will undoubtedly suffer and have a shortened life.

To help reverse the internal deposit buildup that all vehicles are subject to, Valvoline recently released a new motor oil, Valvoline Restore and Protect, that can actually help repair internal engine wear and remove deposits, essentially helping to bring an engine back to its original specifications. Think of Restore and Protect as Benjamin Button Motor Oil!

Established in 1866, Valvoline Global Operations is a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, creating future-ready products and best-in-class services for partners around the globe. Valvoline introduced the world’s first branded motor oil and uses the phrase The Original Motor Oil in marketing and promotion efforts.

According to Valvoline: “As The Original, we’ve been innovating to solve problems for over 150 years. With sales in more than 140 countries and territories, our solutions are available for every engine and drivetrain, including high-mileage and heavy-duty vehicles, offered at more than 80,000 locations. And we’re committed to powering the future of mobility for vehicles with electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrains – today and as we move forward.”

Valvoline Restore and Protect

From the moment it starts for the very first time, critical engine parts begin building up harmful deposits that are nearly impossible to reverse. Valvoline Restore & Protect is the first and only motor oil that prevents future deposit formation and restores pistons to factory clean by removing up to 100% of engine-killing deposits when used as directed for four or more consecutive oil changes at standard maintenance intervals.

Designed for gasoline-engine automobiles, from brand-new to older, high-mileage vehicles, Restore & Protect combines two of Valvoline’s proprietary new technologies: Active Clean, which removes deposits and restores engines to run like new, and Liqui-Shield, which works proactively to prevent deposit formation.

With 79% stronger anti-wear protection than industry standards, Restore & Protect guards against future damage with continuous use.

Restore & Protect is the culmination of three years of relentless development, resulting in Valvoline’s most technologically advanced engine oil ever.

The Art of Formulation

Picturesque Sonoma California served as the backdrop for a truly unique experience: The Art of Formulation.

Sonoma is known for its world-class wine, continuing a tradition that dates to the establishment of Sonoma’s first premium winery in 1857.

As stated earlier in this story, just nine years later in 1866, Valvoline pioneered the original motor oil. And in much the same way that Sonoma’s vintners have perfected their craft over the ensuing century and a half, Valvoline engineers have been on a relentless pursuit of perfection in engine lubrication for over 150 years.

Through the Art of Formulation, we explored parallels between how wines are blended to satisfy every taste and how motor oil is blended to suit the needs of every vehicle and its driver.

To experience “The Art,” we descended upon Judd’s Hill Winery.

Having started as garage winemakers in the early 1970s, Judd’s Hill Winery was founded in 1989 and is owned and operated by two generations of the Finkelstein family. Their business motto is, “having a good time making great wine with family,” Judd’s Hill Winery is also very active in the Napa Valley community through their “Be Kind Napa” community organization, donating wine to support non-profits, youth organizations, religious groups, and community health fundraising efforts.

Judd’s Hill is also a master at wine blending as their blending guides will lead you through a personal tasting, education, and blending session as you perfect your Bordeaux-style blend using samples from four barrels of four red varietals, all from the Napa Valley appellation.

So we split into two teams with invited media, Valvoline team members, and representatives of Citizen PR, who curated the entire Sonoma/Valvoline experience.

So we got busy blending “ValvoWine!”

After blind testing by our esteemed panel of judges, team Crimson, which I was a proud member of,  emerged victorious. What a great, fun experience!

Toyota SaveMart 350

Set high on a hill overlooking Sonoma, Sonoma Raceway is known as the most picturesque racetrack on the NASCAR circuit.

Sonoma Raceway is not the typical NASAR oval circuit, as the 2.52-mile road course features 12 turns on a hilly course with 160 feet of total elevation change.

Valvoline is a sponsor of the Hendrick Motorsports Racing team, which had  Kyle Larson’s Number 5, Chase Elliott’s Number 9, William Byron’s Number 24, and Alex Bowman’s Number 48 Chevrolets on the grid for the June 9th Toyota Save Mart 350 race.

Dr. Michael Warholic, Global Technology Director and Director of Light Duty Lubricants for Valvoline Global Operations, gave us an overview of the special formulations they blend for the Hendrick Chevrolets. Dr. Mike couldn’t reveal all of the details, as the formulation is top secret!

Michael Warholic gives us the 411 on Valvoline Restore and Protect

The Toyota Save Mart 350 was super exciting! The night before the race, Kyle Larson joined us for dinner, and we had the opportunity to ask him questions about his experiences as a superstar in NASCAR racing.

Hendrick Motorsport’s Kyle Larson

After many lead changes and masterfully strategic pit stops (Larson led the race for 19 laps), Larson strategically outraced Chris Buescher (who led for 32 laps and finished 3rd), and Tyler Reddick (who led for 35 laps and finished 8th) and won the race!

We assembled on Victory Row to celebrate the Hendrick win. Chase Elliot finished 4th, Alex Bowman 15th and William Byron 30th.

I visited Hendrick Motorsports over 20 years ago at their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Rick Hendrick and his team treated me like family. Much continued success to the Hendrick Team. It should be noted that NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon is Vice Chairman of Hendrick Motorsports.

We enjoyed our amazing Art of Formulation weekend in Sonoma and Napa Valley. Special thanks again to Valvoline, Citizen Relations PR, Judd’s Hill Winery, the Silverado Resort, and Stag’s Leap Winery for an awesome experience.