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Coffee o’Clock: The Barisieur by Josh Renouf

Coffee o’Clock: The Barisieur by Josh Renouf

There’s nothing particularly novel or innovative about an alarm clock crossed with a coffee maker; the concept has been done and redone, to varying degrees of success or failure. Some might deem it inherently gimmicky, while other anti-morning people might groan with zombie-like delight at the idea that they can ingest precious caffeine as soon as they wake. Whatever your personal feelings on this particular appliance, you can’t deny that British designer Josh Renouf has produced a very aesthetically pleasing version of the alarm clock/coffee maker.

The Barisieur’s wooden frame and black body with retro knobs and dials make it look something akin to the ham radio you might find in your dad’s attic. Meanwhile the sleek glass carafes are reminiscent of laboratory equipment. It’s a mix of looks that work surprisingly well together, recalling mid-century modern furniture and early-80s technology.

On the utilitarian side of things, the Barisieur functions simply. Steel ball bearings move together to boil water through induction heating. The body of the appliance contains drawers for coffee grounds and sugar, and there is even a small refrigerated compartment that the user can keep cream or milk in.

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The Barisieur is currently still in development, but Josh Renouf is planning to have it available commercially in the near future for roughly $300.

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