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Cocktails at Home: Thyme Will Tell

Cocktails at Home: Thyme Will Tell

Fall is here, and there is no better way to welcome the cooler months than with a spicy cocktail. From renowned The Sea Fire Grill (158 E 48th St) comes the restaurant’s fall signature cocktails, including Thyme Will Tell. This combination of bourbon, thyme, maple syrup, and lemon juice is simple yet tasty. 



Thyme Will Tell 

2 oz Maker’s Mark Bourbon 

Fresh Thyme herbs 

1 teaspoon Vermont Maple Syrup

½ oz Lemon juice 

Muddle a few strands of Thyme. Pour the bourbon, lemon juice, and the maple syrup over ice, pour over ice, stir (don’t shake), strain into a coupe glass, or over a large ice cube, garnish with a fresh strand of thyme