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Cocktails at Home: The Bella Martini of Dante Beverly Hills

Cocktails at Home: The Bella Martini of Dante Beverly Hills

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It’s only right that movie fans raise a martini toast to actress Emma Stone, the remarkable, Academy Awards nominated star of “Poor Things,” one of best films of the year. Without spoiling too much of the plot, let it suffice to say that Stone’s unforgettable, strong-willed character, Bella Baxter, discovers pleasures of all sorts while embarking on an international voyage of discovery. One such pleasure happens to be a gin martini to celebrate a sweet moment of victory. 

In collaboration with Ford’s Gin, Dante Beverly Hills created a the official “Poor Things” cocktail recipe for Bella’s Martini, with ingredients that each represent a different locale featured in filmmaker Yorgo Lanthimos’ fantastic fantasy: London, Paris, Peru, Lisbon and Alexandria.    

“We’re proud to collaborate with the teams at Searchlight Pictures and Fords Gin to craft an exclusive cocktail inspired by the gin-based martini that Poor Thing’s main character, Bella Baxter, drinks in the film,” said Linden Pride, principal of Dante. “We hope this limited edition encourages our NYC and LA communities to celebrate the shared love for creating unforgettable moments— both on-screen and in the glass.” 


1 ¾ oz Fords Gin (representing London)

¼ oz La Diablada Pisco (Peru)

⅓ oz Noilly Pratt (France)

⅓ oz Dolin Blanc (France) 

⅓ oz White Port — Fonseca (Lisbon)

Method: Fill a shaker or mixing glass with ice. Add to it all five of the liquid spirits: gin, Pisco, both vermouths, and port. Stir until chilled, then pour neat into a martini or coupe glass. Spray the cocktail with rosewater (representing Alexandria), and add one drop each of olive oil and Blue Curacao.