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Auchentoshan Virgin Oak Whisky

Auchentoshan Virgin Oak Whisky

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Historically, Scotch whisky has be left to age in bourbon or sherry casks. But Auchentoshan, which produces Scotland’s only triple distilled single malt Scotch whisky, is shaking things up a bit by placing small batches of its triple-distilled spirit into charred oak casks that have held neither Bourbon nor Sherry.

The result is Auchentoshan Virgin Oak. The company says that the lightness of the triple distilled spirit makes it perfectly suited to absorbing the unique qualities of the charred virgin oak casks. Auchentoshan adds the spirit has an aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and candied orange, and notes of spiced apple, chocolate caramel and maple candy on the palate.

Auchentoshan Virgin Oak Whisky is a limited edition release. Cost is around $100.