There is a new addition to the toy collection of the super rich as Northrop & Johnson Strategic Global Partner Goldfinch unveils its new grand piano, designed precisely to perfectly fit the dimensions of a superyacht. Goldfinch_SygnetUp for display at the 2016 Palm Beach International Boat Show from March 17 to 20, the Goldfinch Sygnet is also the world’s smallest grand piano. And even if you don’t know to play a piano or your pianist calls in sick, this newest baby comes with Goldfinch’s renowned Virtuoso self-playing feature, which will allow for entertainment with the swipe of an app.Sygnet-Grand-PianoWell designed to fit in even the coziest of corners, the Sygnet is a 127-centimeter, self-playing acoustic grand piano hand built in Cambridge. It features wireless iPod controls, inspired English design, a solid spruce German “Strunz” soundboard, “Abel” hammers and state-of-the-art Carbon Fiber action.

Northrop & Johnson