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Valentino At the Emperor’s Table Is The Bible Of Lavish Luncheons And Dinners

Valentino At the Emperor’s Table Is The Bible Of Lavish Luncheons And Dinners

A true designer at heart can sprinkle his creative charm over almost everything to make it more fascinating. Valentino, the founder of the Valentino SpA brand, has ruled the world of fashion with his gorgeous designs. An emperor of style, the Italian fashion designer has shared his lavish taste to the world by launching a book. At the Emperor’s Table is essentially a cookbook which also gives insight of Valentino’s l’art de vivre(elegant way of life). The world of elegance and sophistication opens its doors through this 192 pages book which includes  80 illustrations.

Valentino_At_the_Emperos_Table_1The hardcover book in a luxury slipcase about recipes and table settings was inspired by his passion for food, outstanding porcelain, china and crystal as well as his practice of being meticulously involved in hosting parties. Lensed by renowned Italian photographer Oberto Gili, the book contains pictures of Valentino’s collections which are housed in his five residences (Gstaad, London, Rome, New York, and Paris) as well as on his yacht. For the first time his fans will be able to take a closer look at the table settings and objets d’art owned by the designer. Even the recipes in the book come from Valentino’s personal chefs.

Valentino_At_the_Emperos_Table_3Each home rolls out signature table settings and complementing recipes. The books states that a flan au chevre may be served on Portuguese porcelain at his ski chalet in Gstaad, while a visit to his home in London reveals a “decorating masterpiece” with an orientalist dining room of blue and white china. The New York City pied-a-terre showcases “table decorations…limitless in their exquisiteness” including Russian dinner-service sets and ruby red Irish glass plates. On T.M. Blue One, guests are served Mediterranean-inspired cuisine atop custom, seafaring-themed dinner service sets. Among all of these luxurious homes, the crown jewel of Valentino’s residential repertoire is the Chateau de Wideville, a historic chateau outside of Paris that is admittedly Valentino’s favorite.

Valentino_At_the_Emperos_Table_4The book opens up with an introductory note from fashion editor and friend André Leon Talley, “Valentino Garavani designs his luncheons and dinners, in all of his homes, the way he has created crescendos and allegros vivace throughout his forty-plus-year career as one of the greatest haute couture designers and high-fashion leaders in the world.”

Valentino_At_the_Emperos_Table_5Valentino encapsulates his passion “I love sharing the things in my life with my friends.”

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Credit, Justin Coit

VALENTINO: At the Emperor’s Table is sized at 10¼ x 13½ in and up for $150.


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