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The Best End of Summer BBQ’s Around the World

The Best End of Summer BBQ’s Around the World

With Labor Day approaching this weekend, the end is summer is almost here. Don’t miss out on end of summer barbecues around the world, with a luxe spin.

Jet settera can skip the typical burgers and hot dogs and try a Michelin-star BBQ in the French wine region, an Arabic barbecue and an Abu Dhabi oasis or fresh local lobster on the white-sand beaches of St. Bart’s to end their summer in the most luxurious way possible.

Michelin-Star BBQ Roast & Champagne Toast 

In true French style, sip champagne while enjoying Michelin-star barbecued beef and fish every Wednesday at luxury hotel, Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa. With awe-inspiring views overlooking the Moet et Chandon vineyards, Chef Jean Denis Rieubland serves up organic locally farmed meals, complete with champagne pairings. Save room for dessert- an ice cream trolley cart with rosé ice cream.



 Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa

St. Bart’s Beach BBQ

Nothings says end of summer chic like the white sand beaches of St. Bart’s. The classic  Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa hosts a weekly surf + turf beach BBQ, with the ambiance of live music, pastel skies, fire pits and views of the Natures Reserve.  The lobsters are caught fresh by local fisherman, and served with grilled beef steak, smoked fish, zucchini gazpacho, and of course, rosé.


Peruvian Hacienda BBQ Overlooking Lush Valley

Farm-to-table barbecue takes on a whole new meaning inside the local hacienda of a Peruvian family in Peru, overlooking the gorgeous Peruvian mountain range. Hosted by luxury guided tour company Trafalgar,  check out the Land of Incas itinerary. Guests dine inside the home of locals as part of its ‘Be My Guest’ program.  learn about the production of Incan corn while sampling  expertly-spiced Alpaca meat or fresh caught Andean trout, followed by homemade ice cream and a Marinera performance.



Middle Eastern Oasis Abu Dhabi BBQ

Abu Dhabi’s Qsar Al Sarab serves up barbeque by a personal chef in a luxury villa settled in the desert sand dunes with three-courses.  Start with a traditional tabbouleh, then sample  traditional Fattouch Debss el Remin, Smokey Moutabal, Warak Enab and Lamb Kofta for an indulgent experience.

Rooftop BBQ on Europe’s Sexiest Floating Boutique Hotel

Float through Europe with U River Cruises, the modern, chic river cruise that hosts a BBQ on the ship’s rooftop lounge filled with grilled meats, cheeses, and vegetables sourced from the local markets in each port. Travelers can cheers with their choice of champagne, local wine or unique cocktails while taking in the views of stunning castles and old towns they wouldn’t normally be able to see.