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The Art of Fashion at New York’s The Surrey Hotel

The Art of Fashion at New York’s The Surrey Hotel

Headed to New York for the holiday? In our opinion, there’s no better place than The Surrey Hotel for a fashion-forward stay, and now, there’s even more reason to visit, thanks to the ‘Fashioning Art’ exhibit in partnership with Natasha Schlesinger, The Surrey’s Art Expert in Residence.

The exhibit showcases contemporary art using a variety of mediums, from photography to sculpture. Each piece is displayed throughout the hotel and allows patrons to immerse themselves in the worlds of fashion and modern art.  Featured works include a portrait of Coco Chanel made entirely of pills, by American pop sculptor, Desire Obtain Cherish and black & white photography of Naomi Campbell by the late fashion photographer Herb Ritts. The Surrey’s permanent art collection which is valued at $31 million, will also be included in the exhibit, including, Claes Oldenburg’s ‘Sneaker Shoelace’ drawing and Chuck Close’s tapestry portrait of Kate Moss, which hangs in the hotel lobby.

New for the holidays is the the work of contemporary Los Angeles-based artist, Desire Obtain Cherish, and his famous Meltdown sculptures. Widely celebrated throughout the art world, these provocative sculptures of oversized melting lollipops bring a playful cheer on first glance, before inviting a deeper engagement and conversation with the viewer as they tap into our human quest for love.  In honor of the holiday display, Bar Pleiades will also be offering a special cocktail menu inspired by the artwork.

There’s even reason to go now – the exhibit only runs through the end of the year. But even if you can’t make it, check out some of the fun pieces in the exhibit, below:



Desire Obtain Cherish understands human folly and weakness for the ideal, for fantasy, for beauty, for the dream.  Fashion seems to answer the siren call.  His work provokes and pushes the mirror up to our desires. Evie Falchi

Evie Falci is an emerging artist whose work weaves influences as broad as Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs and Bob Mackie into spectacular abstractions using only rhinestones on denim. Falci’s work plays with fashion materials but alters their purpose and direction and transforms them into abstract colors and forms.   Fashioning Art 2016 (003)

Jane Maxwell captures the elusive myth of beauty that pervades the fashion world in her mixed media work.  The female form becomes the inspiration and an aspiration in her works.   Herb Ritts 2

The legendary fashion photographer Herb Ritts was a master of capturing fashion with an artist’s eye.  His work with designers like Gianni Versace and Georgio Armani captured beauty inherent within the materials and the forms.  There was always an unexpected angle that his work captured.


Ike Ude Christian Little’s paintings are playful, subtly erotic, conscious of the body and its attractions.  Little explores voyeurism inherent in fashion, its drama and sexuality.


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