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Peep Me: Conspicuous Consumption Goes Mobile

Peep Me: Conspicuous Consumption Goes Mobile

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Growing up, most of us were taught that it was gauche to talk about how much things cost. It was simply not done. There might be country club whispers of course but overall a neighbor’s consumption was to be guessed at and speculated about but never known. These days it’s far easier to know what people pay for things. We can look up their houses on Zillow or Redfin, we can view prices on cars, luxury items, on art and collectibles bought at auction. Chronicling the consumption of celebrities has become a cottage industry for plenty of blogs and magazines. Now, there’s an app for that.

unnamed-2Peep Me is a new social network devoted to sharing how much we spend with those following us. Prices are displayed and it is possible to see just how much a person has spent over time. According to a press release, Drake, Scott Disick, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian are early adopters on this network. Drake posted a picture of his $3.4 million Bugatti and Scott Disick has posted a picture of his Lamborghini, Gucci loafers, a Rolex & him in a private jet on the way to the Hamptons. As Buzzfeed noted, the Kardashian connection seems a bit suspect, it’s highly likely they are either investors or have been paid for their participation.

Is this app an idea whose time has come? After all, most of us track our spending privately, why not share that data with the world much as we share our fitness stats and personal pictures? Or is there something a bit too ostentatious about an app devoted to simply showcasing our ability to buy things?  Putting the dollar amount beside a purchase reduces the act of acquisition to its most venal nature. What we purchase is part of who we are but if we are smart, the end result is far more than a monetary tally.