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Nicole Kidman’s Skincare Revolution

Nicole Kidman’s Skincare Revolution

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As actress Nicole Kidman would admit, natural beauty doesn’t come easy. Throughout her film and television career, the celebrated Australian star has been admired for her talent and her ageless, luminescent beauty. Now she’s taking on an ambitious new role as the strategic business partner and global brand ambassador of Seratopical Revolution, a plant-based, technologically advanced, anti-aging beauty line.

Nearly a dozen alcohol-free, non-CBD, anti-aging beauty products were developed, produced, and launched for Seratopical Revolution this season by Sera Labs, a subsidiary of CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. The skincare line is made in the U.S., with many of the products guided by actress Nicole Kidman’s knowledge, experience, and personal preference for natural skincare.

“I really wanted to create something that was meaningful to me and that I knew people would genuinely enjoy,” states Kidman. She collaborated with Sera Labs to design Loving Hands Essential Oil, Indulgence Brown Sugar Scrub, Harmony Face & Neck Toner, and Gleaming for a brightening glow.

“These products are personal to me from the scent to the texture,” Kidman says. Seratopical Revolution marries nature and science into one clean and nourishing line of beauty products. The line’s PꝫP complex, developed by CURE Pharmaceutical, drives natural, plant-based ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin by utilizing a proprietary tri-peptide delivery system instead of alcohol — a commonly used ingredient which dries the skin instead of moisturizing.

Seratopical Revolution’s natural oil and surfactant delivery systems promise fast results. “There are a lot of beauty companies, but the problem is that most of them don’t understand that without an effective delivery system, the products are sitting on top of your skin, clogging your pores,” said Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs CEO and CURE Pharmaceutical Chief Strategic Officer. “Our high-tech delivery system allows scientifically-backed ingredients to go deep into the skin to enhance hydration and rejuvenate collagen.”