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Moncler Launches Moncler Poldo Dog Couture

Moncler Launches Moncler Poldo Dog Couture

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Moncler has launched Moncler Poldo Dog Couture, under the Moncler Genius line.


The iconic brand was founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France and is currently headquartered in Italy. Know for their overall luxurious style, warmth and  the ability to go from city to harsh natural environments seamlessly. There are eight sections that make up the Moncler Genius project overall, which involve different creative figures.


The collaboration with Poldo Dog Couture showcases a fashionable line for four-legged friends, made from the brand’s most iconic material, the nylon laqué and the range of colors include light blue to baby pink and fuchsia.


For functionality, the waistcoats have been designed with two variations: the reversible version comes with a hood and is available in two-tone red and blue, with the waistcoat as a detachable hood. For less chilly days, there is a hoodie presented in bright blue or red colors, with contrasting trim.


“We constantly need to offer new experiences and new ideas. Moncler Genius is divided into several collections over the year. We have overhauled everything, by overcoming the very concept of seasons. Our approach is monthly, weekly, daily. An approach which considerably reduces the time that elapses between the collections’ presentation and when they actually arrive in the stores” says Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler.


MONCLER POLDO DOG COUTURE will be available from November 15th in Moncler boutiques, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.