Care to indulge in the sophisticated Mercedes-Benz experience outside of your car or home? The global automotive brand drives into the hospitality industry for the first time by launching new luxury apartments in London. Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with Frasers Hospitality, the world’s leading luxury apartment provider, to deliver the best of two worlds.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_5Mercedes-Benz Living is all set to throw its doors open for travelers to indulge in the distinctive design and sophisticated technical solutions of a Mercedes-Benz combined with a highly exclusive living experience.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_3Located at Fraser Suites Kensington, the six high-end, fully furnished flats are designed to mimic the interiors of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and woo upscale clients who often travel to London for business.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_1Pressing the pedal to deliver designer living, Mercedes designed pads are also developed in partnership with Burmester and Swarovski. The sparkling Swarovski chandelier above the dining table has been specially designed to reflect the S-shape curve that stands for Swarovski or S-Class in the glass table below. The living and dining area offer exquisite aural pleasure of surround sound by Burmester. Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_8Exclusively designed to cater to astute business and leisure travelers, the first six serviced apartments boast of high-quality furnishings, clean lines and state-of-the-art media and entertainment technologies.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_7Putting stylish modern luxury and comfort together on the platter, each 100 square meters apartment is generously designed with separate living, dining and bedroom areas and a fully fitted kitchen. The living area sofas boast new and unusual proportions along with glamorous silver covers.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_11Extending the Mercedes-Benz design to the bedrooms, the headboards have been designed to appear to flow seamlessly into the silver bedside tables and carpet, while the base of the bed is set in slightly from the frame to make it look as if it were floating.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_2A ‘Black Magic’ media wall in high-gloss black finish, which features an integrated smart TV, blends seamlessly into a beautifully designed sideboard that bears a sculptural element reminiscent of the feature line of a car.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_9For $3,200 and more per week, the Mercedes-Benz serviced residences will be available to deliver a truly memorable London experience from 17 November 2015.Mercedes-Benz_Living_Fraser_10The unveiling of six Mercedes-Benz Living Fraser residences at Fraser Suites Kensington will be followed by nine more residences in Singapore in early 2016.

Frasers Hospitality And Mercedes-Benz