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Luxury in the Countryside: The Babington House, Somerset

Luxury in the Countryside: The Babington House, Somerset

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If there is only one word to describe the Babington House, then it should be chic. Because simply stated, the Somerset manor is exactly that– a countryside retreat set on a sprawling 18 acre estate with superbly manicured gardens and fashionably dressed guests who flee the chaotic capital for that perfect fusion of metropolitan luxury and rural escapism. Built in 1998, the Babington House sets the standard for modern hospitality within the English countryside by eschewing traditionally lackluster amenities country B&Bs typically offer, and instead injecting sophistication and panache into the uber-stylish Georgian house.

Infusing a culture of informality and genuine comfort into the guests’ experience defines the ethos of the Babington House with always present, yet refreshingly unobtrusive staff providing the convivial atmosphere and encouraging guests to truly feel at home. The idyllic setting for this rustic oasis adds to the charm as well – the indoor and outdoor pools, the lavishly decorated rooms, the peaceful library, the tranquil Cowshed spa, the delightfully airy Orangery brasserie, the eponymous all-day House Kitchen, the heritage-inspired martini lounge bar, the dimly lit Log Room, the 45 seat cinema, the cheerful pool room and the abundance of on-site activities such as tennis, croquet and cricket. Although seemingly superfluous, the extravagant services at the Babington House guarantee an indulgent and luxurious getaway. The gorgeous and elite city folk who often occupy the premises find solace in the pastoral scenery, glamour in the elegant design and privacy in the converted stable block family rooms, three bedroom cottage and sumptuous suites. Displaying all the coolness and refinement of city hotels without compromising on arcadian principles, the Babington House epitomizes the very definition of serenity in the most enchanting provincial landscapes and, of course, with extraordinary finesse.