Arron Liu’s Ice Cream Gallery was a crowd favorite at this year’s Hong Kong Food Expo — with their audacious ice cream flavors that aim to elevate “fine ice cream” to fine dining, offering Lobster and foie gras ice cream.

Ice Cream Gallery is a boutique from Hong Kong that sources its cream from France, milk from Australia and vanilla bourbon from Madagascar (Official site).

Since 1994, Liu has developed more than 600 ice cream flavors, some of which are inspired by French haute cuisine — like the foie gras and salmon varieties — and regional ingredients like Malaysian durian and Philippine mangoes. Ingredients for their ice creams are all natural.

Some of their newest flavors include ginger vinegar and egg ice cream made with Italian black vinegar; French bacon and egg ice cream made with American bacon; and wine ice cream from Canada.

Arron Liu’s ice creams are created in four distinct styles: French crème glacée, made from full-fat, French cream characterized by its no-holds-barred richness; traditional Japanese ice cream made with green tea, red beans or sake; Italian gelato made primarily with milk; and frozen yogurt, a tart, fat- and sugar-free version of their ice cream.

Ingredients are sourced from around the world with truffles from Italy, sesame from Greece, nuts from Spain and gold-grade Japanese green tea.

While the ice creamery offers classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry, its deluxe range pushes palates into haute cuisine territory with flavors like French rose chocolate made with organic French roses, salmon ice cream made with Norwegian salmon, black truffle ice cream, and foie gras in ice cream form.

But like any fancy suit-and-tie restaurant, Liu’s gourmet flavors don’t come cheap. A 500ml tub of foie gras ice cream, for instance, is $120.