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Keep An Eye Out For Christian Louboutin’s New Eye Makeup Collection

Keep An Eye Out For Christian Louboutin’s New Eye Makeup Collection

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Synonymous to the red sole, the man sure does know the art of winning over the soul of every diva who loves to wear makeup. Trust Christian Louboutin to understand that only lipsticks, lip liners, nail-paints and fragrances are not enough for a lady who doesn’t shy away from enhancing her beauty. Hence the French fashion designer is expanding his Beauty Collection by introducing four eye-centric products.

The intention behind the collection, according to Monsieur Louboutin, is that ‘he wanted to once again give women a tool to enhance something that allows them to control how people perceive them. It’s about taking ownership, and the way you do that in eye makeup is through eyebrows, liners and lashes.’

Watch out for Louboutin’s latest luxury line of makeup products that include a new mascara, ink liner, eye definer and brow definer. While the Lash Amplifying Lacquer aka maskara sports a $70 tag, the Luminous Ink Eyeliner which is the liquid eyeliner comes for $75. The mascara has been christened as a lacquer because it has been formulated with ingredients to give a luminous effect and the shine of patent leather. Tapping the creativity of the users, the brand also expects it to be used as an object of calligraphy.

Add more finesse to your eye-makeup with the Oeil Velours Velvet Eye Definer eyeliner pencils for $40 and Brow Definer eyebrow pencils too for $40. Though the collection rolls out sans the eye-shadow palette, Catherine Roggero, the general manager of Christian Louboutin Beauté, told WWD that ‘the brand will do eyeshadow at some point.’

Justifying the release of these four products, Catherine also remarked, “The eye of a person is already extremely expressive, but she’s sending another message the way she does her makeup. She maybe wants to enhance her eyelashes…or [do] a smoky, sexy look. It’s not what she does or doesn’t enhance, but how she does it.”

The mascara and two types of eyeliner come in uncommon colors in addition to basic black and brown.  Staying true to his love for red, the Luminous Ink Eyeliner is offered in a shade of red. Also an eyeliner pencil comes in the same shade of teal as existing shoes and a nail polish. Boasting of the signature jewelry box kind of packing, the products are not only designed for self use but make an ideal gift for beautiful women.

WWD Via Christian Louboutin