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Christian Louboutin Adds More Shades To Its Nail Polish Collection

Christian Louboutin Adds More Shades To Its Nail Polish Collection

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Leading the debut collection of nail paints, Rouge Louboutin is to nails what red soles are to feet. Christian Louboutin forayed into the world of dressing up nails last month. Adding more colors to the range, the French fashion house has expanded the family. Time for a Loubou-styled manicure as Christian Louboutin Beauté has released three stunning color collections, The Pops, The Nudes and The Noirs.

Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_Colours_1The eponymous label of the Parisian footwear designer shares a colorful display of Christian Louboutin Nail Colour and also the shoes and textiles that inspired the various shades. The brand also recommends that a diva should follow BYOB this season. Read that as you can ‘bring your own bottle’ to the manicurist and insist in painting nails in Loubi-shades only. The Christian Louboutin Nail Colour moodboard was curated with wildly bold patterns, bright pops of color and of course shoes. 


Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_Colour_The_NoirsThe Noirs family comprises of 10 shades that run darker and deeper in to the fashion world.

Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_Colour_The_PopsThe ten vibrant shades of the Pops give an incredible colourful makeover to the tips of the hands and feet.

Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_Colour_The_NudesThe Nudes add a tinge of shade without make a bold statement in ten different styles. All though the whole range has swelled to cater to the bold and beautiful, our favorite is Just Nothing from the Nudes.

Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_manicure_setEach of the Louibi nail laquer dresses up the nails for $50, while the Loubi Nail Primer and Loubi Nail Gloss Manicure Care Kit is available for $55. Comprising of two bottles, the manicure kit prepares the perfect canvas for a flawless manicure. Loubi Nail Primer creates a protective, smooth and flawless surface to best feature Christian Louboutin Nail Colour. This can be sealed with Loubi Nail Gloss, which illuminates and magnifies nail colour while giving the nails an amplified patent-leather finish.

Christian_Louboutin_Beauté_Nail_Colours_4Christian Louboutin’s saturated suedes and eye catching Nail Colours are not just a feast for the wearer but also for the onlookers.