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Karl Lagerfeld – The Unstoppable and Evolutionary Icon of the Fashion World

Karl Lagerfeld – The Unstoppable and Evolutionary Icon of the Fashion World

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A label is defined by its designer’s name, his personality and of course his work! We are talking about Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL. Focussing on Chanel’s chief designer, Lagerfeld, it’s inspiring to know more about the fashion kingdom’s full-of-life ruler. The man is always on the move all over the place not only as a designer, but also as a fashion photographer. At his age most of the achievers design a retirement plan, but pulling his white hair in a pony and donning dark glasses over his eyes, Karl is roaring to take it up from where others plan to stop. Lately he has been in news for debuting his flagship store in Paris along with plans for a London store too. Adding to the list of his recent endeavours are Fendi and Chanel collections, Chanel press-kit shoot, documentary about his sketches, photographs exhibition, attending or working for a charity functions and the numerous interviews as well.


Brimming with inexhaustible energy as well as creativity, he claims that he has not mastered time management but he certainly plays with a clear set of self-laid rules. Playing so many roles and packing so much within his schedule is not only commendable but also abide-worthy. Craving for more time to fit in more work, Karl has quoted “I always have in my mind that there are more hours in the day than 24. But in the end I find out there are only 24 hours,” and “I hope one day we’ll have 48-hour days.” The creative icon of fashion industry lives in the moment and keeps reinventing himself without any signs of slowing down.

As reported by WWD, a daily dose of seven hours sleep is all that his mind and body needs to rejuvenate to churn out innovative ideas, avant-garde creations and notable (at times controversial) quotes when the sun shines back.