We have been a keen audience to his signature creations, haute-couture collections, high-end fashion shows, films and much more. However, it is always a pleasure to know more about this legend and his ferociously creative endeavors. Let us take a look inside the private library of one of the most celebrated fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeldkarllagerfeldlibrary_mainRenowned to do things distinctly in his own characteristic style, the creative director of Fendi and Chanel is always looked upon for his flamboyant lifestyle and pioneering vision.karllagerfeldlibrary_4Why else would an ordinary household feature like a bookshelf be worthy of mention? The eccentric designer boasts a massive collection of publications that stack from the floor to the ceiling. And its the way he has stacked them that has got fingers tapping. Staying true to his signature style of doing things differently, in true Karl way, he keeps his collection of hundreds of books stacked horizontally rather than vertically.karllagerfeldlibrary_3Piled up in the most unusual manner, the rows of books are accessible with the help of wheeled ladders and small spiral staircases. Adding a lot of substance to the walls, they are deliberately stacked horizontally so that Karl doesn’t have to tilt his head to read the titles.karllagerfeldlibrary_2Pulling a book out of such a stack of one of the largest private collections in the world may require some extra effort and execution, but then that is what it is all about, living life Karl style.karllagerfeldlibrary_1My Modern Met Via Core77