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Karl Lagerfeld Stars On The Cover Of T Magazine’s The Greats Issue

Karl Lagerfeld Stars On The Cover Of T Magazine’s The Greats Issue

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He is 82 years old and is still roaring of life and passion. Sporting his signature look, Karl Lagerfeld stars on the cover of T: The New York Times Style Magazine’s inaugural The Greats issue. Pictured by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Karl strikes a pose in the stiff white collar, the fingerless gloves, the dark jacket and pants, the rings, the dark glasses and the ponytail.karl_lagerfeld_t_magazine_thegreats_coverThe publication celebrates masters in their fields as Karl shares the honor of starring on the cover with an unapologetic singer Rihanna, a radical filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, a generation-defining novelist Jonathan Franzen, an Oscar-winning artist Steve McQueen and a visionary engineer Elizabeth Holmes. karl_lagerfeld_t_magazine_thegreats_1Lagerfeld is a man on top of his own greatest invention: himself. The Chanel designer also speaks liberally in an accompanying interview, starting with ‘‘My problem is I have no experience.’’ Lagerfeld also adds ‘‘Because I don’t believe in experience.’’ Karl Lagerfeld loves only the present. He loves work and does eight collections a year for Chanel, as well as his work for Fendi and other companies.

Lagerfeld loves women and when asked what was his ideal of the perfect woman today, he didn’t hesitate to reply ‘‘Julianne Moore.’’ Because he thinks she’s great. Her whole life; the way she is in life. He also believes that Jessica Chastain is great, too. Karl added, “Of the younger generation, I love Kristen Stewart. She is gifted. She looks tough but in fact she’s the nicest person in the world.’’The_Greats_The_New_York_Times The_Greats_The_New_York_Times_1

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