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Jeffrey Bilgore, The Beauty of Green Stones

Jeffrey Bilgore, The Beauty of Green Stones

Jeffrey Bilgore is a lucky man. A gemologist and gem buyer by trade, he’s had the chance to examine some of the world’s most incredible gemstones.  Bilgore believes that it all begins with the stone and his designs reflect that.

Shown above is a stunner of an emerald ring eaturing a 5.77 ct. round Colombian emerald in a setting that includes two  baguette emeralds (0.34 cts.), six round emeralds (0.12 cts.), and 26 round diamonds (0.80 cts.), set in gold and platinum. This one-of-kind ring sells for $275,000.

Emeralds are far from the only green stones. Demantoid garnets may lack the name cachet of emeralds but they deliver when it comes to fire and true green color. This Russian demantoid garnet and diamond necklace and earring set is designed with sinuous forms that mimic the effect of curving vines, showcasing the wearer in a dramatic way. The necklace has  12 oval Russian demantoids (5.08 cts.), 4 marquise diamonds (0.75 cts.), and 9 round diamonds (0.10 cts.), set in gold and platinum.( $27,000.00). The earrings have 10 oval Russian demantoid garnets (4.14 cts.) and 14 round diamonds (0.16 cts.), set in gold and platinum. ($26,000.00).

Tourmaline is available in a multitude of shades. Mint tourmaline mimics the spring-like shade of new growth. These substantial pear-shaped tourmalines are 11.68 carats total and are offset with two  Asscher-cut diamonds and six round diamonds , set in platinum. ($33,000)

Green stones are also fantastic accents. This elaborate pin/pendant gleams with five carved Mexican fire opals highlighted by four demantoid garnets and four round tsavorites (another form of green garnet). The piece is finished with a pear-shaped yellow diamond and five round fancy yellow diamonds set in platinum. ($15,000).

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