The Potosi Brewing Company is a great story. Located in the small southwestern corner of Wisconsin, in the town of Potosi, the company was resurrected by the local community as a non-profit organization about a decade ago.

The old Potosi brewery has flourished for decades, but had closed (like so many other small operations) in the 1970s.

The new operation is small but excellent. One of our favorite offerings from the brewery is the Gandy Dancer Porter.

Gandy Dancer is a dry, robust porter. It is a bit maltier than other porters, and has tastes of coffee and chocolate. The pour is rich and creamy. It is a little sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. We liked the nuances of whiskey that the brew evokes.

For anyone who likes a solid porter, Gandy Dancer Porter from the Potosi Brewing Company is a wonderful choice.

We highly recommend a visit to the brewery in Potosi, WI. Go in the summer and fall – the weather is outstanding and sites are beautiful.