Moonshine, hooch, white dog, mountain dew. Whatever you call it, white whiskey is gaining traction all over the country. As with any whiskey, the quality varies. But white whiskey is, at its core, an unaged whiskey that usually lacks sophistication or subtlety. White whiskey makers are touting their product as an alternative to other clear spirits, such as vodka. However, Firefly Moonshine, made by Firefly Distillery, located on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, have taken their product to the next step, crafting six different moonshines, and thus offering consumers more than simple white lightning.

Firefly Moonshine, which was launched earlier this year, has cleverly captured the rustic appeal by bottling their product in old fashion mason jars. We loved the retro touch. For their moonshine, they have five flavors, Apple Pie, Caramel, Cherry, Strawberry and Peach. There is also the traditional White Lightning.

As far as moonshine goes, the White Lightning was quite good – smoother than other similar products. The flavored moonshine offers a nice way to cut the harshness of the spirit. They can be sweet, which is a nice option for certain consumers. The Apple Pie is the best selling of the moonshines.

The folks at Firefly make no bones that their moonshines are great for crafting mixed drinks.

Distillery co-founder Scott Newitt said, “Most people tell us they like to drink moonshine straight out of the jar but with our variety, folks also mix it up their own way. I’ve met bartenders out here that use it instead of tequila in margaritas and they use the flavored moonshines just like a fruit – or citrus-based liqueur or schnapps. The flavors are so crisp and clear you can add it to just about anything and it tastes great.”

A bottle of Firefly Moonshine will cost about $20.