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Dilbar, The World’s Largest Superyacht

Dilbar, The World’s Largest Superyacht

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Superyachts and cruise ships that are akin to floating cities are fairly ubiquitous now. But there is something particularly alluring about Dilbar, the largest yacht in the world in terms of internal volume, weighing in at 15,917 tons. Additionally, it is the fourth longest yacht in the world at 511.8 feet, making it something of a seafaring behemoth. But more than that, it’s Dilbar’s mystique that makes it especially interesting. We know that it has two hellipads and 41,000 square feet of living space, but beyond that, details on the yacht are few and far between.



Dilbar was custom-built for Alisher Usmanov, a 62-year-old Russian billionaire who is one of Arsenal FC’s largest shareholders. Usmanov has an estimated networth of $13.4 billion USD, making him one of Russia’s richest citizens. The billionaire’s new yacht successfully completed sea trials earlier in the year and has in recent weeks been spotted around Gibraltar and France. Unfortunately, as is the case with many vessels custom built for the super-rich, the details of Dilbar’s interior and amenities remain a secret. So far all that is known is that London’s Winch Design is responsible for the vessel’s interior, and its exterior is the work of Monaco-based Espen Oeino. Another detail that is unknown is the precise building cost, though the generally accepted estimate is a whopping $478.9 million USD.