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What Yacht does J.K. Rowling Own?

What Yacht does J.K. Rowling Own?

What Yacht does J.K. Rowling Own?

J.K. Rowling is one of the wealthiest authors in the world, and it’s no surprise that she owns a luxury yacht. But what yacht does she own?

J.K. Rowling, the author behind the wizarding world of Harry Potter, is no stranger to luxury. While her mainstay remains storytelling, her net worth has afforded her the opportunity to own one of the maritime pinnacles of luxury: a yacht. Rowling’s yacht was called the Amphitrite, a 56-meter motor vessel equipped with a multitude of high-end amenities. Even though Rowling sold the yacht in 2016, the Amphitrite continues to bear her signature.

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History of the Amphitrite

The Amphitrite has a storied provenance before its Rowling-era fame. Crafted by Turquoise Yachts in Turkey, this 56-meter masterpiece was launched in 2009. The yacht was originally owned by actor Johnny Depp and bore the name Vajoliroja—a portmanteau of the names of his then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their two children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

Depp owned the yacht until 2015, when Rowling took ownership for a reported sum of $27 million. She renamed the vessel Amphitrite. Interestingly, Rowling parted ways with the Amphitrite in 2016, selling it for $19.2 million. Today, it sails under the flag of a U.S. businessman and goes by the name Arriva.

Inside the Amphitrite

The Amphitrite could house up to 10 guests across its four guest cabins and a master suite. The vessel also offered a full staff complement, employing a crew of five to ensure the ultimate level of comfort and service. As for amenities, it boasted a gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, and a selection of watersports equipment, making it the epitome of maritime indulgence.

Rowling’s Affair with the Amphitrite

During her tenure as the Amphitrite’s owner, Rowling did more than just vacation on it. The yacht served as a serene haven for her, friends, and family. In a 2015 interview, Rowling shared that she cherished the yacht as a “great place to relax and escape from the world.” The space, the amenities, and the opportunity for solitude contributed to her affinity for the yacht.

While it wasn’t used for any book launches or Harry Potter sequels, the Amphitrite was a sanctuary where Rowling could recharge her creative batteries. The yacht also played host to charity events, reflecting Rowling’s philanthropic inclinations.

Post-Sale and Chartering Ventures

Approximately two years after becoming the owner of the Amphitrite, J.K. Rowling chose to list the yacht for sale. The asking price was a cool $19.2 million. Beyond simply selling the yacht, Rowling took a unique approach by also making it available for charter. For those looking to taste the same level of luxury once enjoyed by the author, the yacht could be chartered for about $130,000 per week, not factoring in additional expenses such as fuel, food, and crew gratuities.

The Brokerage Mystery

While the yacht’s current whereabouts remain somewhat of a maritime enigma, there is some speculation worth noting. Industry murmurs suggest that the yacht was listed and eventually sold through Curtis Stokes at Curtis Stokes & Associates, a brokerage firm known for handling high-value yachts. While unconfirmed, if true, this would signify that the vessel had changed hands through a broker of noteworthy reputation.

Ownership Status

In clear terms, Rowling no longer owns the Amphitrite. Whether you refer to it by its original name, Vajoliroja, or its current moniker, Arriva, this floating indulgence is no longer part of Rowling’s portfolio. Though she had it for a brief period, during that time, the yacht served multiple purposes: a sanctuary for relaxation, a hub for social gatherings, and even a space for philanthropic activities. Even after its sale, the Amphitrite remains an intriguing footnote in Rowling’s expansive history of luxurious ownerships.

This added dimension to the Amphitrite’s journey post-Rowling adds another layer of complexity to the yacht’s already fascinating story. It’s a tangible example of how, even after the sale, luxury items like this continue to navigate through networks of affluence and opulence, always ready for the next chapter.

Environmental Considerations

While owning a yacht exudes a level of success and opulence, it’s worth acknowledging the environmental implications that come with such luxury. Yachts are known for their high fuel consumption and resultant greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, they can disturb marine ecosystems.

However, a conscious yacht owner can mitigate some of these impacts by utilizing cleaner fuels and adopting energy-efficient technologies. The larger point here is that yacht ownership comes with a certain level of responsibility to the planet.

Pursuitist Final Take

The Amphitrite—once the floating palace of J.K. Rowling—illustrates that when it comes to maritime luxury, few stones are left unturned. While Rowling only owned the luxury yacht for a year, she utilized it as a private retreat and a venue for philanthropic efforts. Though she has since parted ways with this sea-faring spectacle, the Amphitrite remains tethered to her name, encapsulating a brief but memorable chapter in her life of affluence. And while the allure of yachting is undeniable, it offers a moment to reflect on the environmental responsibilities that come with extreme luxury.

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